Education law

Enforce individual education planning

Our children's right to education should always be at the forefront of all decisions around schooling, because access to education is the foundation for the rest of life.

School law, as the name suggests, regulates the rights and obligations of various parties involved in school operations. These are primarily the students and their parents, but also the school authorities and school supervision.

Classical" school law concerns public, i.e. state-run schools, and thus falls within the legal area of special administrative law as a branch of public law. The legal relationships between the parties involved are regulated by laws and ordinances. School law is state law, so that the legal basis varies from state to state.

Especially in rural areas, the school landscape has changed in the meantime. More and more often, the state is placing the task of education in private hands. School operators are then no longer public authorities, but associations or educational companies organized under private law - so-called independent school operators. The legal relationship between the individual players is usually based on a contract. Depending on the school authority, church school law may also come into play.

We advise educational institutions as well as students and their parents. We are your reliable contact partner, support you in all legal matters and are happy to represent you in and out of court.

With regard to private school boards, we are happy to advise you on the following topics:

  • Examination of school contracts of any kind, AGB control, compliance

  • Enforcement and defense of claims arising from the school contract, claims management

  • Advice and representation in case of termination of the school contract

With respect to public school boards, we will be happy to advise you on the following topics:

  • Advice on school enrollment (including enrollment age, catchment area - responsible school)

  • Advice on changing schools, especially access to grammar schools

  • Advice and defense against educational and disciplinary measures

  • Advice and enforcement/defense of claims in the area of school transportation

other inter-school offer:

  • Consulting on the topic of gifted education, giftedness, gifted classes

  • Counseling for learning problems and learning disorders

  • representation in and out of court, especially summary proceedings